Transmediating NEST:

Building a Habitat
for Ecological Storymaking

ISU Science Communication Symposium:
Ames, IA. June 4, 2016

Tyler Quiring: Research Associate, UMaine Mitchell Center for Sustainability Solutions

New England Sustainability Consortium: NEST

“sustainability science focuses on the dynamic interactions between nature and society”
Clark & Dickson: Sustainability Science (2003, p. 8509)

2 Sustainability Science Projects:

  1. NEST: Safe Beaches & Shellfish (3-year NSF grant, final stages)
  2. NEST: Future of Dams (3-year NSF grant, early stages)

Transmedia Storytelling

“Transmedia storytelling is the art of world-making.”
Henry Jenkins: Convergence Culture (2008, p. 21)

Transmedia Storytelling

  • Multimedia vs. Transmedia

Case Studies:

Future Directions

Presented by Tyler Quiring: / @tylerdq_

Supported by the New England Sustainability Consortium, Maine EPSCoR, and the National Science Foundation.
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